Never let a band's name fool you, as it may lead to underestimating their true potential, and this especially rings true for Chicago's Aight Bet. Making his start in another heavy band known as 1837 as well as performing under his solo moniker MOECYRUS, Maurice feels as though he has yet to prove himself in the rap scene, as well as the hardcore scene, that may not have taken him seriously the first time around. In a recent May 2020 interview, he touched on this issue, saying “The lack of credibility i get from the hip hop and metal scene drives me wild. I'm always under pressure and see the reason why I'm overlooked and I wanna change that.”

Aight Bet blends the best parts of hardcore and hip-hop together in the best way possible. This music has been created by a soul that's been used, tortured and thrown away despite proving itself at every opportunity given. The sound created is an underdog's story about rising up through the cracks a midst all the chaos endured along the way and portrays someone who has never given up and shows this for all the world to see. Aight Bet is as honest and open as they come and it pours through every second of “Accountability”. With their own twist on something like rap metal blended with the in-your-face attitude already present in hardcore, this combination very deserving of the “Hoodcore” title it's already given.

“My goal is to take off and see the world with my day 1's. People that actually believed in me and gave me a chance. I wanna be the bigger face of rap metal x hardcore.” To the average Joe just making their debut with a brand new band, this would not be the first thing on their mind. This dream shows that the person behind it knows their true potential and is getting ready to go for the gold with the world watching on the edge of its collective seat. This is the moment where MOECYRUS steps out of the shadow to reveal way more about his goals and ambitions, as well as his struggles and hardships as a human being, and in a far more aggressive format that somehow still remains true to himself because of that unity between hardcore and hip-hop. It's a beautiful thing when artists create a gap for people who are very different to share some common ground and come together.

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